Up & Coming Events in March 2010

1st March Les
2nd March Bingo & Bertie
3rd March Puzzles & Board Games
4th March Flower Arranging
5th March Trip to Local Shops
6th March In House Movies
7th March Rest Day/Family Day
8th March Music with Les/Library
9th March Music with Tom Crisp/Bertie
10th March Gary Matthews/Hair Dressers
11th March Baking
12th March Music For Health
13th March In House Movies
14th March Rest Day
15th March Les
16th March Bingo/Bertie
17th March Mini Bus Trip to Garden Center
18th March 10 Knitting Circle
19thMarch Glass Painting
20th March In House Movies
21st March Rest Day
22nd March Les
23rd March Holy Communion/Bertie
24th March Gary Matthews
25th March Puzzles & Games
26th March Music For Health
27th March In House Movies
28th March Rest Day
29th March Music With Les
30th March Baking/Bertie
31st March Knitting Circle