It is our intention to continue to develop staff training, and to invest into the building and fabrics over the next two years.

In October 2009 we are to embark on an extension to the south side of the building, which will look from the front, by design, like a garden wall with arches finished in brick. This may sound odd, but after 5 years with letters to and from the planning department, this is what is considered to be most acceptable to the area.

This first stage build will feature three ground floor en-suite bedrooms (some with shower facilities), but its main addition will be the 90 sq m lounge - dining room, which leads to an alfresco eating area on raised decking, overlooking Hayling recreation ground. The dining room has been designed to look like a high quality hotel setting, which looks through, floor to ceiling arched windows onto the front garden.
The area is slip as, a reading lounge and entertainments lounge for functions and daily activities. My wife has chosen all of the fabrics and designed the layout, so it certainly stands a better chance of it all matching, as for me; I designed the kitchen….. It seemed the safer bet.

The furniture chosen throughout the home has been specially selected to prevent sores, and is finished in an exceptionally high quality fabric, and again colours sympathetic to the design.
A new conservatory will replace the existing one in November 2009 to offer another peaceful relaxation or reading area flooded with natural light, well, we hope anyway, but hard to guarantee the British weather to provide the essential element!
A new kitchen with the very latest cooking equipment will also feature in the first phase extension, which along with our exceptionally safe food making processes will ensure our five star food hygiene rating.
As a continued operation to improve the service and standards of living, I have approved a total upgrade to each and every bedroom that is currently occupied. We have a new stile which include en-suite, real oak furniture, matching bedspread, chair and curtains, for which pictures can be viewed in our 'Picture Gallery' on the main menu. As of Mid October, we are more than half way through this refurbishment, and has had very little impact on the daily life as we have been able to section the area off.
Nurse call is an essential means of communication at Oak View Care Home, and we have spared no expense on this new system which will be fitted in November 2009. The call will be heard at every point of the home and will give full detail of the type of care needed at the point of origin, and be able to log call requests so we can determine the level of care requirements and the staffing hours that need to be set.
Finally, we will be looking to open a day care facility early next year (2010) so that we can provide care for individuals that can obtain care at home during the evening and night time, but due to work commitments would require care during the day. I will be publishing further details early next year breaking down each level of care provided, such as meals, bathing etc.